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evanston art connects... kids and families!

We’re partnering with the City of Evanston, D65, Evanston Made, local organizations, and residents across the city to get EVERYONE making art. All ages, abilities, skill levels and disciplines on every street, in every neighborhood.  

Together we art going to “art-bomb” Evanston with homemade art, signs, banners, sculptures, installations, chalk art, performances, etc. to honor our front line workers, spotlight our community helpers, celebrate our graduates, and more!  


To participate, all you need to do is make art and display it somewhere where everyone who walks and drives by can see. Put it in your windows, yards, trees, garage doors, front doors, sidewalks, storefronts, anywhere and everywhere!

Click here to find links to ideas and how-to's for making art at home, inspiration for how you might contribute to this awesome community-wide event, and creative resources right here in our community!


From May 23 - June 6 there will be a city-wide art invitation to walk and/or drive by the art work displayed all over town.  Evanston Made will be producing a map that will list all of the participating locations.  Evanstonians homes, streets, blocks, front yards, causeway trees, sidewalks, and storefronts who have art on display can register here to be included on the map (no names or descriptions will be listed, just the location).


As part of this initiative, we are teaming up with ArtMakers Outpost to distribute free art kits to kids and families.  We want to make sure that everyone who wants to participate has access to materials at home.  You can help us by donating to our campaign to fund the of purchase materials, or by donating new and slightly used materials! 

Help us provide Free Art Kits for Evanston Kids and Families!

We are accepting donations to help fund the assembly and distribution of 1,500 free art kits to Evanston kids and families.  Each kit costs $15 so any amount large or small will go a long way!  


We are also accepting donations of new and gently used art materials!​  Please see click the link below for a list of the materials we need.


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Help us transform E-Town into a citywide art gallery May 9 - June 9!

The Evanston Community Art Movement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maybe you've seen some of the art that has been cropping up all over town. From front door messages for delivery people and mailbox signs for postal workers, to large-scale banners on porches and storefronts, lawn ornaments wishing friends and family happy birthday, and congratulatory signs for our graduates...  It's been a beautiful, creative, organic expression of community!  Can you imagine what it would be like if all Evanston residents and business owners displayed art throughout the city?  There are over 75,000 people living and working in Evanston!

click here for inspiration and ideas for art making at home!

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